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Uplifting and empowering, The Type showcases a powerful cast from your favourite pro girl gang, Pink Matter. Bringing together five badass women dancers from different cultural backgrounds and of all shapes and sizes, The Type calls up each woman’s individual journey and takes aim at the cut-throat nature of the commercial dance industry.

With fusion and conceptual free form choreography set to a massive Hip-Hop, R&B and House music soundtrack, The Type’s one-of-a-kind cast are unapologetically bringing Street Dance into the realm of new skool Australian theatre. Audiences will be caught between mesmerising contemporary movement and high-octane pop-culture hits; wanting to jump out of their seats and dance.

Heavy-hitters Wanida, Amy, Floss, Kimmy and Monika as they take inspiration from their own experiences around representation and body image, and blend it with the power and strength of fusion movement.

Challenging the standards of beauty and success that shape Australian entertainment today, The Type is fearless and hopeful with big girl-power energy.


"This is clearly a hardworking company of proud performers trying to push the envelope of dance’s legacy of tired, carbon-copy stereotypes and “The Type” not only contributes to this, but energises their audience along for an electric and entertaining physical conversation."

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"The whole show was dynamic and energetic, and managed to be super fun, fiercely staunch, mega hot, and serving home truths all at the same time."

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