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What the f*** am I doing with my life?

The holiday packaging is out and the memes are rolling in and whilst we're all excited for the food and the drinks that come with the season, November is also a really big time for reflection. Just when you didn't think you could get any busier, you are, and you sit there dumbfounded by how quickly the year flew by. I've realised now though that no matter how busy life gets, this age old question will still get ya.

"What the fuck am I doing with my life?"

For some of us, this gets raised more than just once a year. If I'm honest, I probably have a mental break down at least every two weeks from asking myself this. I think a big part of why this question gets me so badly is because I want to be the ultimate human being. That perfect human at 23. Someone who is capable of balancing work, family, love, friends as well as making sure I get enough me time. But if you're anything like me, (and unfortunately not actually a superhuman) then sometimes you'll fail. For me, failure turns into guilt and my inner monologue spirals into thoughts of "I'm not doing enough" or "I'm just not smart/talented/creative..whatever enough". The reality is, it is just not possible all of the time. We're human. Shit happens.

Sitting here, and although highly versed in mental breakdowns, unfortunately I'm still not enlightened enough to give you some kind of miracle solution. But here are five ways I like to use to reset in these brain melting times.


Remember those massive tree things you used to do in school? Yup, one of those.

Sometimes I find what stops me from starting stuff is the fact that I have so many things I want to start. Mind Maps are great for decluttering your brain (especially if you're visual like me) by just getting everything out and onto paper. Start by writing down everything (no matter how big or small) that you've ever want to achieve in your life. Once you feel like you've exhausted all of your life options, take a step back. All of a sudden you'll start to realise how choosing to tackle one of the branches rather than the whole tree is far more manageable than when everything was just flying around your brain at a million miles an hour.


Similar process to the mind map exercise but sometimes us girls just need to talk it out. So call up that wise friend of yours (Hint: it's usually the same person you go to when you're a slobbering mess coz some idiot broke your heart) and just word vomit your life at them. For me this person is usually Pink Matter boss lady herself, Wanida. She'll vouch for me when I say I call her at least once a week stressed about something and by the end of the conversation we've come to some kind of solution and can go back to more productive things like sending each other memes like this.


Sometimes a bit of retail therapy is all you need. A new top or some cool earrings to switch up an existing outfit can sometimes be all you need to feel refreshed ready to take over the world again. If you're not about creating more landfill for the world, then another option is to pamper yourself. Get your nails did, hair did, errything did. Honestly, I reckon Drake's been giving out the key to success for years and we've just been sleeping on it.


For me it's usually the beach. Sometimes I bring headphones or a picnic, other times I just bring myself. But there's something about being near the water that helps slow my brain down to think more clearly (apparently it's a proven fact that being near water calms the body instantly). Everyone is different though, so find that spot that makes you feel calm and just hang out. Your mind will thank you for it after.


Maybe you're a homebody like me and you've got all that zen shit down. Put down the work and forget the 'me time'. As I'm learning to accept, not every minute needs to be spent working and being productive. Sometimes you just gotta get out of the house, grab your gang and go for a cute dinner or some drinks and a boogie. Something has to be said for how refreshed you feel after having a good laugh with the people you care about.

If you're still trying to find the meaning of life, remember that this question has been stumping people for centuries. But hopefully one or all of of these steps will help you find that kick to the butt you need to start that new project or the space to give yourself a bit more credit and appreciate the crazy things you've achieved so far. Having done all this, you may come back tomorrow still asking the same old question - if anything we expect it!

But just know at the end of the day, we're all in this shit together.

Babe, you've got this!


Amy xxx

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