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What the f**k is a girl gang?

You might have seen a wave of Girl Gangs popping up on social media asking you to "support your local girl gang". I know what you're thinking, "what the fuck is it?" and "why should i support it?".

#GirlGang Fearless ladies who exude self confidence & build their sista up - not tear her down

Girl gangs are starting to pop up everywhere. From your fav clothing brands featuring GG's in their newest campaigns to your fav dance production *cough* they are all over the internet. Heres a few cute points covering the girl gang life:

What are girl gangs?

An individual or collective of positive females that oozes confidence, support & boss bitch vibes.

If you're a gang do you have a gang sign?

I mean.. we do ;)

Why should I support it?

True GG's preach positivity, self love & life inspo - you can never have enough of those things in your life. In my opinion, it's more common in females to cop negativity, jealousy & criticism from other females because lets face it - gals love to gossip. It is important to surround yourself with people & influences that reflect the GG mantra, trust me you will feel way more positive, inspired & motivated.

Empowered women, empower women

How do I start my own GG?

If your friends are excited about your accomplishments & support your ideas congrats you have found them! If not, don't worry. There are plenty of girls out there that are looking for like minded individuals to ride the wave with.

You can start with:

* Catching up with new & old friends

* Collaborating with another female

* Start a positive change in your life

* Set goals

* Celebrate self love

* Support your girlfriends goals & achievements

You don't need an online platform to embrace the GG life.

What are your fav online GG's?

Here's a few we love to follow on insta:

& while your at it show us some love! @pinkmatter.culture



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